I'm not one to believe in miracles but...

I'm a long term alopecia sufferer, I've has so many tests done and tried so much. When I went to see my GP today (he suffers from genetical hair loss) he showed me his before and after and said he's been using something called 'The Magic Mix' although I noticed the difference in his hair I presumed he'd had a hair transplant, I didn't want to ask him about it. He said to me a lot of his patients had come to him after using your product and he'd seen astonishing somewhat unbelievable changes in their hair and decided to give it a go himself, I'm not one to believe in miracles and I mean no offence to my GP but his hair line used to be awful so, seeing this I really wish to try your products.

He said its very difficult to get hold of your product and your literally have to snap up bottles as and when they are available as they sell out really fast and you don't sell them often. 

I have full faith this I the miracle I have been waiting for.