Chemo Patient

Hello, I wanted to share my QS hair journey. I can see that the very first time I messaged you about this product was April 11th 2018 and my hair has come such a long way Masha Allah.

I was diagnosed with cancer and during my treatment lost most of my hair. I lost it all on the crown and had a few hairs on the side. I joked I looked like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. I finished chemo in the summer of 2016 and slowly waited for my hair to come back.

It started growing slowly but I had many many bald patches on my crown. Alhumdulillah O was able to cover these when my hair started to get longer with my 

years and my hair was still short (not growing) really thin in places with bald patches and I was fat from chemo. A log emotions and I was 22 and felt like my youth was going while I was ugly. 

I had no wifi that day so I had a lot of time just to think about life/ I put my date for a second because I was running out and notices Sehra's story. I didn't follow QS at the time and she was promoting QS oil on her story.

I thought it was such an amazing coincidence that I was just praying for a hair miracle and now I saw people having amazing results! I obsessively watched and followed your stories and follower QS so that I could make the order via Snapchat.

My sister helped me with the logistics of this when my order arrived, would put the oil in the areas I had no hair but could not see. May All reward her for that.

So after a year of using QS oil I feel sooooo good about my hair! I've had slow progress but that's because mu body reacts slowly to things now after chemo.